Copyright 2012

Homme à problèmes (Man with problems)
Video in loop 15’47’’

Avec Kévin (Being with Kevin)
Video in loop 11’39’’

Two casual meetings in a local train between Aywaille and Liège (Wallonia, Belgium). Two man who entered in contact with me trying to seduce me in a frankly way and telling me their tough lives. It’s about two intimate moments, two portraits of fragility.

After having recorded them secretly, I decided to replay their voices and mine, to replay the dialogue without the sound context of the train.
My intention was to incorporate them in a metaphorical way, by listening deeply their words, their intonations, their accents. It results a strange ambiguity, the intimate feeling is enhanced.

In the sound editing I inserted a fragment of the original recording in train context to make understand the artistic process. For the video editing I show the English subtitles as a substitute of the two character visual.